Want the 4 Hour Work Week? Stop reading this now.

My experience, in the beginning, was that of fear and trepidation. Although I did read the 4 Hour Work Week and understood the principles, the thought of actually taking action upon them seemed unthinkable. I decided that I needed more information and knowledge before I continued. I scoured the internet for every resource on passive income, every blog, every book, every newsletter, and every free e-book that would come with signing up for a newsletter. I wanted to make sure that when I did it, I would do it right. I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

All that happened, however, was that I ended up more confused and overloaded with information than ever. Although I did find some wonderful blogs along the way, and the articles did address fears and concerns of mine, it still did not eliminate the fact that I had yet to take any definite action. I read about every lifestyle design blogger’s experience and their recommendations, but in the end, I was still only spending hours READING about lifestyle design and not actually doing any designing of my own.

This post isn’t a how-to or a top-ten list. This is a warning for lifestyle designers. There are wonderful resources out there but many people’s natural tendency when unsure is to read more to be more “prepared”. I challenge you to go one week without reading a source of non-fiction or blogs. If you truly desire to achieve the 4 hour work week, emphasis must be put on output and action as opposed to more input.

Lifestyle design, and any other major life decision, is scary and uncertain- yes. But the blog posts you see written aren’t written by those that read more blogs and free e-books than you but rather those that took action in spite of uncertainty. Be the person that has something to write about. Don’t study the tricks of trade, create them. It is far better to have fumbled your way through than to have taken fewer but more carefully planned steps. Set your target, jump in, and then course correct along the way.

What are your thoughts? Do you read blogs for inspiration? Steps for action?


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