How to Use RSS Feeds to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

Bloggers are always looking for ways to create more back=links to their blog to help boost their blog’s SEO. RSS feeds are a simple and effective way to generate backlinks to your blog, but the best part of all is that it’s somewhat automated. So, for once this is not a strategy that is going to add a bunch of new tasks to your ‘to-do’ list. Once you’ve submitted your RSS feed to several directories your links will remain there working for you into the future.

Let’s first take a look at what an RSS feed is, and then we’ll walk through setting up a custom RSS feed that will generate lots of relevant inbound links to your blog. RSS, which stands for really simple syndication, is an XML feed composed of the content of your blog, in a list of your posts that readers can subscribe to. Using an RSS feed reader the content of your blog is pushed to the reader in a convenient, easy to consume format rather than their needing remember to go to your blog to catch your latest post.

Now that we’re clear on what RSS is, the next step will be to submit your blog’s custom RSS feed to RSS Aggregators or Directories, so now every time you update your blog or any of the other profiles that you included in your feed, those feeds will be updated as well.

Submitting your blog’s RSS feed is a great way to get lots of exposure for your content. RSS feeds are an effective way to distribute your content, and if you use the above-mentioned list of places to submit your feed to, it will save you a lot of time and effort searching those places out. Be prepared with the following information to add your blogs to these directories:

Email address:

A quick tip is to create a spreadsheet with this information and keep it open so that when you are submitting your information you don’t have to hunt around for it. Now that you have submitted your blog’s RSS feed to all of these directories, you have created a new crop of backlinks pointing to your blog. This is good both for SEO purposes and for generating some new traffic and RSS feed subscriptions.

Keep your blog fully and consistently stocked with relevant, valuable content and your readership, traffic and search engine rankings will grow organically.

In addition to submitting the RSS feed for your blog, you can create a custom feed that combines your blog, feeds from your other content sites such as your Youtube channel, your social bookmarking sites such as Furl or Multiply, and even your expert profile at Ezinearticles. Just grab the RSS feed by clicking on the little orange square in your browser window. is a free online application that allows you to mix up to five feeds to create a single combined feed. Using RSS feeds to create backlinks for your blog is free and it’s one additional thing that you can do to help boost your blog’s search engine rankings.