I love e-mail candy!

I love e-mail candy! I savor it and only open it when I can’t stand to wait any longer to consume it. I look forward to getting it and when I see it all beautiful and bold, my heart skips a quick beat knowing that it has finally arrived.

And I know the best part is not even here yet. When I can’t wait any longer, I open it and hope that it meets (or even…if possible…exceeds) my expectations.

Then I consume it slowly making sure to savor each piece. And when I’m done, I usually have a smile on my face with the memory of it.

At this point you may be asking yourself, what in THE hell is she talking about? I know, usually the words e-mail and candy don’t go together but for me, they do!

E-mail candy is that sweet electronic correspondence that you’ve been wishing for and waiting for and wanting so much that you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t even want it!

Because, what if you don’t get it and you’re stuck with thinking about the million reasons why you didn’t get it. Was it something you said or did or even worse…something you DIDN’T do or say that left you candyless?

When I was single, most of the e-mail candy came from boys I liked. The anticipation of the e-mail from him and what he might say was excruciating…but in a good way (that is if he actually e-mailed!). But once I got married, the nature of the candy changed.

It could be from anyone (even my husband) or about anything as long as it had that SOMETHING that transformed it from a regular e-mail to candy status!

An e-mail from an interesting woman you just met in the park that you had an amazing three-hour conversation with and hope to connect with again or from an old friend that you had lost touch with but always really loved and wished you could connect with again.

It can be from your husband on a special occasion or after a fight from the night before and just at the moment you were thinking about him, you see his name light up on your screen with a wonderful just-the-right-thing-to-say subject line.

I love those e-mails…they keep me young and happy. Sometimes they’re surprisingly sweet, sometimes they’re soothingly sweet and sometimes they’re bittersweet but they’re always SWEET!

Kindness is Surprising

Do you ever get surprised by people’s kindnesses? I do. In fact, I even get blown away by the kindnesses of close friends. I don’t know what that says about me but when someone does something especially thoughtful or kind for me, I am overwhelmed and so surprised by the gesture.

Last night a few of my girlfriends took me out for my birthday. I was expecting at most a dessert with a candle and maybe a few kind of key voices singing happy birthday.

What I got instead was a bunch of lovely kind gestures. One of my friends had e-mailed my brother (whom she has never met and only knows through my Facebook page) and asked him to help her create a fun fact sheet game about me, which we all played with tons of laughter and stories.

Then she came up with a “get to know your friend” sheet for the group to read at dinner. That along with balloons, gifts and an unnecessary abundance of happy birthday wishes (which were already expressed a week before on my actual birthday).

And you know what I was thinking the whole time we were all laughing and having a good time…wow and why? Not that I don’t deserve kindness, of course I do (as do most people), but I don’t expect it.

So what does it say about me that instead of fully enjoying and taking in the being-nice-to evening, I’m wondering why they would go to all the trouble?

I think it says that I don’t expect too much from life or from people generally and when good things happen or people are truly kind, it really surprises and makes me happy. And when they’re not kind, well….I’m not that surprised. I like that. I’d rather be surprised by kindnesses than to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.