Husband, take note…

I recently asked my husband if he would get a tattoo of my name. I know…bizarre question. I don’t have any tattoos and neither does my husband and neither of us have ever talked about it or, to my knowledge, ever had the slightest desire to get a tattoo.

In fact, my family (and I’m pretty sure his) frowns on such an act and I’ve always found the entire notion of burning a permanent life-long mark into your skin absurd. So why did I ask him this question you ask? Angelina Jolie.

Now if you’ve read my previous posts, you might be thinking…man, she’s obsessed with that woman. I didn’t think I was but maybe I am. I just love strong women that are “out-of-the-box” thinkers and doers. And I’m a little obsessed with movie stars in general…I know, please don’t hate me, I can’t help it! Back to the tattoo

I recently read that while at a conference, Angie (yah, we’re close like that!) had doodled some lines and shapes on Brad’s back (I know, that in of itself is weird) and he liked it so much that he made them into tattoos. Some kind of lifelong symbol of their love or connection I guess (in Angie’s words “it’s meaningful in that it’s us making angles and shapes out of each other’s body”). I know…BARF!

But it made me think, I love my husband and am committed to him for life but would I put a permanent marker on my body representing him if he asked me to? I really didn’t think so but hadn’t come to a final decision when I thought…I’ll ask my husband and see what he says.

I thought for SURE he would say something like, the question was just silly and that he thinks tattoos are ridiculous. That way, my answer of probably not would not seem strange. But he surprised me and actually said, “if you wanted me too.”

Maybe he didn’t actually hear me…”would you get a TATTOO of my name on your body?” Again, with little hesitation, he said yes, if that’s really what I wanted. …now what? Was I crazy to think that no matter how much I love someone I don’t want a permanent marker of them on me? Was I not as devoted to our lifelong bond as him?

As you might have guessed, the answer is none of these…because it’s a silly question and tattoos are ridiculous and my lovely husband’s answer was the equivalent of “yes dear.”

Would you get a tattoo of the person you love on your body?

Life can change in an instant and not until that change happens do we realize how precious the time before that instant was. How before that instant, we had so much to be grateful for but instead we worried about the little things, the things that don’t matter. The things we can live without, the things that the passage of time makes meaningless.

Nothing puts this in perspective as much as illness. When you (or someone you love) get sick, you look back at the time when you were walking, talking, living with no pain and wonder why you weren’t grateful and happy every single moment.

You tell yourself that when you get better you will remember this thought and savor every healthy breath. But you never do. Time goes by and you take it for granted again. Until the next time life takes a downturn.

Another thing that puts this into perspective is other people’s suffering. There is so much of it and when you let it into your heart, the pain takes a hold and as you feel that pain you also feel an astonishing relief that you are not subjected to that suffering.

That’s when you really grasp the idea of being grateful for what you have. That too, unfortunately, does not last. Time goes by and you take it for granted again. Until the next time you feel the pain.

I don’t want to wait for the next time. I am grateful now. I hope to grateful tomorrow and every day after that. But I am just human. Time will go by and I will take it for granted.