How To Get What You Want

The movie The Secret has caused the Law of Attraction to explode into mainstream consciousness. However, the hype surrounding and within the movie has somewhat diluted its core concepts. I want to give what I have found to be the essential steps in making the law work. 

I must preface this by saying that I am far from some kooky, self-help hopeful who thinks that just by thinking positively and clicking my heels, I will get whatever I desire. These are steps I have found to help bring what I want into my life that conventional ways have not been able to. Without further ado, the steps:

1) Set an intention
It must be:
– stated positively, i.e. “I walk with ease and comfort” vs. “I don’t have all of this pain in my body”
– stated in the present tense
– verifiable, i.e. “I have $2,500 more in my account every month” vs. “I am rich”
– written down on paper. The people that have their intentions written down hold a FAR greater chance of having them come true than those who merely say it to themselves.

2) Clear any limiting beliefs. This is what will primarily stop you from getting what you want. Although you may consciously want a new relationship, your subconscious mind may believe that you’re too tall or not funny enough to have one. You can have what you want, as long as you know you can.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right”
– Henry Ford

One of the greatest tools I have found for erasing limiting beliefs has been the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The basic premise is that by tapping your acupuncture meridian points, you clear the blocked energy and improve your mental and physical health. Although unorthodox, this method has been shown to clear numerous physical illnesses and diseases as well as mental issues such as trauma and phobias. has a free manual on how to use it.

3) Visualize intensely. Imagine your intention as if it were already true. Imagine every facet of it from how it feels to how it smells, tastes, looks, and makes you feel. Visualization can be extremely powerful if you practice it every day and visualize so intensely that by the end you feel as if it were already true.

4) Take action. It doesn’t necessarily have to be inspired or meant-to-be for you to know that it’s the right choice. Just start taking action on it, and with your combined intention, cleared beliefs, and visualizations, you’ll stand a better chance than 90% of the people trying the same thing.

5) Be grateful. Be grateful for what you have. This shifts your mindset from one of dissatisfaction to one of enjoyment and satisfaction. For all of you Type-A’s out there on the constant hunt to check off more goals but never taking the time to enjoy your progress and appreciate, this is for you. Being grateful also attracts more of what you are grateful for.

That’s it. It’s a simple but powerful process that has brought the most fortuitous circumstances and people into my life. It has brought the woman I love, free (wonderful) weekly massages for a service that I just began offering, jobs, money, people that share my odd combination of passions, and everything else that I could imagine. In sum, know what you want, know that you can have it, take action, and enjoy.


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