Feng Shui Principles – Apply Them To Your Home Office

Working from home can be difficult — you’re surrounded by the distractions of your everyday life, from paying bills to cleaning. You can use feng shui to create a productive and comfortable space to work in to maximize your output. Here are some tips about Feng Shui Principles – Apply then to your home office to create a perfect working environment.

Create Separation

One important element of working from home is making sure that you have a completely separate space for doing work. If you are tempted to check your email in the bedroom or do a little work while watching television in the living room, resist those urges. Designate an area of your home for your professional life.

Choose a space that is as far away as possible from your bedroom, and only allow yourself to work there. It is best if it is a separate room with its own entrance, but if your home does not have that space, try to create division with your decor. Use a screen, plants, etc. to give your workspace its own feel of separation from the rest of your home. Be careful with furniture though; a floating couch can create bad energy.

Clear Your Clutter

While you should have a separate space to work in, it is important that your entire home follows feng shui principles. One of the most important is clearing the clutter out of your life. Clutter drains your energy and distracts you from what you need to focus on. Designate one day per week to de-clutter your home, and see how you feel afterward. You should start to look forward to that day, and feel energized after it is complete. Beyond the feng shui principles, a clutter-free area is just more conducive to work. Keep your desk and workspace clean and try to avoid clutter building up. This really helps when you feel depressed and need something to get you going.

Blend In

Cohesiveness and blending in are part of creating a feng shui home, and you can particularly work on this in the kitchen area. Do not buy appliances that are completely different from the rest of your kitchen’s theme. Certain appliances will blend in with their environment, and therefore allow better energy flow, also when you feel you’re overcommitted. For example, glass-top stoves will blend in much more than stainless steel refrigerators. Appliances are expensive purchases, so it is a smart idea to get a comprehensive home warranty to protect yourself in case anything happens. Repairs and replacements can really build up bills, so be proactive in protecting valuable parts of your home.

Use Color

Color theory is an important part of feng shui in creating different moods and feelings throughout your home. Use paint and colored furniture to set an air of productivity in your home office. Check out a good guide on how to use color in feng shui. If you are looking to feel energized in your office, sticking to fire element colors, such as red and orange, can help accomplish that. Earth element colors can bring peace and stability, and include sandy beige tones. Stay away from colors that might make you too peaceful to concentrate, or generally go against your goals when working. Use calming colors in other parts of your home to help create that distinction between work and play.

Working from home can be difficult to balance, but feng shui can help. By creating separation, clearing clutter, and using the principles throughout your home, you can create an environment that is conducive to working and relaxing. Use these tips and further feng shui research to be productive and comfortable while working in your home.