Things Your Website Absolutely Needs

Planning a company website can be tricky. Whether you are solely an online company or you also work offline, your website will become a key part of your business, so it’s important to get it right. A bad website will put off potential customers and could lose you a large number of sales. Here’s a checklist of things your site should include, which website designers can help you with. Check out also this GoDaddy Webinar video:

A Simple Address

Your web address needs to be simple, relevant, and memorable. Avoid using punctuation or numbers in the address, as these can make the address confusing and make search engine optimization more of a challenge. It’s also worth considering which extension to use. Many people will write “.com” without thinking, so it is important to buy this address even if your site will be hosted at “” or “.org” extensions. Purchase the other extensions you think people will use and redirect them towards your actual site.

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Jumping Into Uncharted Waters…

After all these years of working at the same company and for the same boss, I’m going in to work instead of completing my duties, assignments, and tasks from my home, next Monday and I will give them an ultimatum. The following video titled “Dare To Dive Into The Unknown” by Jill and Kate recorded at a TEDx meeting at Oaks Christian School expresses my mood and feelings in a good way as a feel like I’m jumping into uncharted waters:

When I joined this company in 2009, I was a single woman with lofty goals and great ambition. I worked very hard and got several promotions within the first few years. It was the right fit for me. My boss and I saw things the same way. We were always ready to forge ahead with any challenge and conquer any obstacle. And it was fun and exciting.

Since I joined, I’ve gotten married and had two children. With my first child, I went back part time because I didn’t want to be away from my baby the entire week. With my second child, I also went back part-time and it all worked out pretty well. As time went on, I started to work more from home and I didn’t seem to be as happy or as driven as I was before and my ambitions were more about my family than about my work.

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