Are you clever enough to work from home?

This post looks at the second of four excuses people often use for their lack of success – intelligence. People worry whether they are clever enough. This article explains why some of the most successful people have been the least educated. So let’s see, are you clever enough to work from home?

In some circles, working from home has, undeservedly, a bad reputation. Just listen to Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom in the following TEDxStanford video talking about productivity data of people who “work at home in their pajamas or on their couches” in comparison to people commuting every day and work in a cubicle for 8 hours every day.

In his book The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz starts with the four main excuses people use as reasons for accepting their position in life. Once you accept these excuses they become like a disease, you begin to believe your own press and stop trying. Many people feel they lack the “intelligence” to be successful. However, what many people do is confuse education with intelligence.

An educated person is different from an intelligent person. To be very educated you need to be of average intelligence only. However, you can be very intelligent and have little or no education. This is because education is about learning a skill or facts and memorizing them. As long as you are of average intelligence you can learn most skills, provided you decide to and stick at it and become an expert.

Intelligence is about the ability to think creatively and see a solution to a problem. In fact, some people say very clever people see problems other people fail to see and they see the solution. So what you need to concentrate on is your ability to identify a problem your customer has and give them a solution even if that means you have to jump into unchartered waters. It’s all about identifying a problem and provide solutions.

Henry Ford, the famous American entrepreneur, was proud of the fact that he was uneducated. When a paper ran a story saying he was stupid he sued them. They asked him lots of questions that High School children would know about history etc. He refused to answer them saying simply he did not need to know because he could find someone who could tell him.

As a reader of this blog, I assume you are interested in self-employment work from home opportunities and you may think you lack the education to start one. Well here are some other ways you should look at that very question:

  • Never underestimate your own intelligence and never overestimate the intelligence of others. What counts is how you use your intelligence.
  • Tell yourself several times each day your attitude is more important than your intelligence
  • Remember the ability to think is far more important than the ability to memorize facts – you can always refer to materials to find things out there is no need to stuff your head with them

So do you still think you intelligence may stop you being a success in self-employment work from home?


We need more time for …Everything

Need more time? You could invest hours into research with Jules Verne, see if he whispers in your ear the secrets of time travel. Or Potter? With his time-turner and the ability to disapparate.

Or maybe sleep is the answer? You get up earlier, stay awake later, work into the night while your wee ones sleep? Creep silently up the stairs and slip into bed, being careful not to wake him with your cold feet. What time did you come to bed, he’ll ask the next morning. Ummm, can’t remember. 12ish? ‘Ish’ is a great fudger of the truth. It gives space to stretch the time, just a little.

And thanks to the wonders of 24-hour television, maybe it can babysit our kids while we work. Free sitters are always good right?

“Hang on ..” “In a minute ..” “Just a sec ..”

The language of today?

Or we could decide what’s important? Instead of life and work and balance and juggling, why not instead choose life? Period.

And into the wonder that is life, we could pour ourselves, our love and passion, the stuff that makes us smile and dance and giggle like a little girl.

And from it all, pull out the one thing, in any given moment, that will move us forward.

Want your 6-year-old to stop with the incessant mood swings and angry outbursts? What one thing will allow her to know and feel that she is loved and treasured?

Strong business contacts the current order of the day? More clients? The right client? Do we tinker with some teeny, tiny design feature to make our stuff look better or something else more vital like pouring our heart and soul out for the world? Write something? Create something? Learn?

Need creativity? Ideas? A spark of something special? Get out and see the world. Just check out what your website needs to be successful. Look with open eyes. You’ll find that muse in the silliest of places. From a 4-year-old’s yearning to be a real superhero. In the gurgle of your bath water dancing down the plughole.

What one thing will you do right now to move your life forward? Find it, do it, then rinse and repeat.