Dairy products list cheese How to use the Dairy Basics guide to dairy products

How to use the Dairy Basics guide to dairy products

In this article, I’ll be looking at how to properly treat cultured dairy and cultured egg, as well as how to make your own cultured dairy.

So, before we begin, I’d like to share some tips on how to avoid unnecessary allergies.

I’ll also be discussing the basics of how cultured dairy is produced and the benefits of using cultured milk.


Treat cultured dairy as a starter recipe: I’ll start with a basic approach, because this is how cultured milk is usually produced.


Add cultured milk to your diet as soon as you start consuming it: I prefer to drink a glass of milk immediately after eating.

This is why cultured milk bottles have a plastic cover and you have to put the milk inside.


It’s best to consume the milk at least every 2-3 hours to ensure optimal health: I’ve found that my milk contains about 30% protein, while cultured milk contains 80% protein.


Do not skip the first few days: This is a good time to take some of your supplements, as I usually consume at least 4-6 glasses of milk daily.


Drink cultured milk before you eat: When I was in the hospital, I was eating a glass every day to maintain electrolytes and help prevent electrolyte imbalance.


Do it as soon after eating: I eat the first glass of cultured milk right after I finish eating the cheese.


Drink as much as you can before you get sick: I typically drink at least 2-4 glasses of cultured yogurt before I take a dose of antibiotics.


If you get colds, don’t delay: I avoid consuming cultured milk until I’ve had a good few colds.


Make sure you don’t take antibiotics: I don’t have an allergy to any antibiotics, but I will be taking a high dose of oral antibiotics once I’m in the middle of a severe flu-like illness.


Do this for as long as possible: I have been taking my milk twice daily since I began taking it. 11.

Eat as much of the cheese as you want: I usually eat 2-5 ounces of cultured cheese per day.


Drink water when you need it: The water helps to hydrate you, so drink as much water as you need.


Use a spoon: This allows you to pour milk directly into the milk, so if you want to drink from a cup, then do it.