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How to eat your vegetables with a fork and knife

The Australian Financial Council has called on consumers to get on with the season.

In its annual food safety report, the organisation said the “frozen produce” category was on the rise with a large number of products in the market being “insecure” and “over-processed”.

The report says “frosted, salted, salami, and salted cod are especially prone to bacterial contamination”.

The food safety watchdog’s report on frozen fruits and vegetables also called for a reduction in the number of frozen fruit and vegetable products on supermarket shelves.

The report said the industry needed to improve its production process, reduce the number and size of “food processing units”, and focus on growing and maintaining healthy supply chains.

The report also called on the food industry to “provide better information to consumers about the risk of foodborne illness from frozen foods”.

“Consumer health is a critical priority for the Australian economy and we want our food products to be safe for everyone,” Ms Bremner said.

The AFC’s food safety recommendations include a review of the food labelling and labelling standards.

The council has also called upon the Australian Food Inspection Agency to “work with industry to ensure that the food products they supply are safe for the consumer”.

“The Australian Government has set a goal to reduce foodborne illnesses by at least 90 per cent by 2020, and that’s a great start but we know that the problem is not going away,” Ms Stoner said.