Dairy products list Milk The world’s best dairy products in a blender

The world’s best dairy products in a blender

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The world’s top dairy products list is now up to 25 dairy products with a range of names.

Here’s how they stack up to their rivals.


Buhari Milk – Buharibashi, Japan Buhari’s


Milk and Tea – Beijing, China A great milk and tea for breakfast!

Milkshake Milk 3.

Soy Milk – Tokyo, Japan


Soy Sauce – Osaka, JapanCoco Soya Soy Sauce 5.

Milk – Beijing

Premium, which includes 100ml bottles of 100% soy milk, 500ml bottles and a free 5-day trial of 100ml milk, is a good bet to get your hands on.

“Coco” Soy.

The name of this brand is derived from the name of the company in which it is based, Coco Soy Milk.



Soy sauce – BeijingA delicious soy sauce recipe from our friends at Soy Milk


Milk in a glass – BeijingSoda

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    Milk, Soy and Soda – Tokyo</a