Dairy products list cheese Norway is to ban imports of Chinese dairy products because of ‘health concerns’

Norway is to ban imports of Chinese dairy products because of ‘health concerns’

Norwegian dairy producers are planning to start selling their milk directly to the public on the first day of the country’s new government, as part of a campaign to protect consumers from the contamination of its milk by Chinese producers.

The move comes as Norway’s largest dairy producers have been targeted by a growing number of food safety scandals linked to the countrys growing demand for its dairy products.

The government has said it is taking a number of steps to prevent the import of milk from the Chinese firms that are now under investigation by the Norwegian government for possible food poisoning, such as requiring that products be labeled in a clear way.

The dairy producers’ campaign has been backed by the country´s largest business lobby group, the Norwegian Farmers’ Association.

“Norway is a Nordic country, and we have to protect our dairy products and their quality.

We are in a situation where we have the situation where there is a health threat.

We need to be proactive in order to protect ourselves,” said Sanchelimo, the largest dairy producer in Norway.”

The biggest concern we have is the contamination from China, but that is why we have this campaign.

This campaign is the most important thing we can do.”

Sanchelimos chief executive, Søren Pild, said the government was also considering banning the importation of products from the country of over 200 million people.

The campaign comes after Norway, which has been one of the main European consumers of Chinese-made products, banned the import last month of three products, including a milk powder that contains the ingredient for the most widely used brand of infant formula.

In September, the government also suspended imports of frozen dairy products that have been imported from China for over a year.

The Norwegian government is also considering introducing a special import permit system to allow farmers to import milk directly from China into the country, but Pild said this would take a number the time.

Sanchelamos CEO Sørgen Pild says the country is taking several steps to protect its dairy industry.

But he said the campaign would not affect the way Norwegian consumers purchase milk.

“It is not about selling the product from Norway to the Chinese market.

This is about ensuring the safety of the milk,” Pild told Reuters news agency.”

But the campaign is very important because if we don’t have this in Norway, we cannot protect our products.”

Pild said the farmers had also been advised to stop importing milk from other countries that have strict food safety laws, such a Russia and Ukraine, as well as the United States, which bans imports of products containing animal products.

Norway imports around 30% of its food from China.

It has been unable to control the growth of Chinese imports, which have risen by nearly half since 2012.

The World Health Organization said in February that China was now responsible for more than 90% of the world’s cases of salmonella, and the number of cases in Norway was rising rapidly.

In April, a Norwegian woman became the first person in the country to be diagnosed with salmonellosis after drinking a bowl of milk she bought from a Chinese supplier.

The case is thought to have been caused by the consumption of a bowl from a brand that was imported from another country.

The National Institute for Public Health and Safety (NIPHS) said last month that the rise in cases from China was linked to poor food safety practices, with people becoming more aware of the risk of saliatic acid contamination.

“I think this is an example of the fact that in the developed world people are not aware of what they are buying,” said Pild.