Dairy products list yogurt Singapore to stop the importation of ‘unpasteured’ dairy products

Singapore to stop the importation of ‘unpasteured’ dairy products

Singapore is expected to stop importing unpasteurized milk products from Bangladesh due to concerns about the contamination of its waters.

The move comes after Singaporean health officials detected high levels of the bacterium E. coli O157:H7 in milk produced in Bangladesh earlier this month.

Health Minister P.S. Chauhan said that it was “inappropriate” for Singaporeans to be importing milk products produced from Bangladesh, even though the country has a large dairy industry.

Singaporean dairy farmers produce a range of products including yogurt, cheese and cheese-like products, and have long used the products for their daily meals.

Health authorities have recommended that farmers avoid using milk products manufactured in Bangladesh due the bacteria, which causes milk production to become contaminated.

The ministry has instructed Singaporeans who produce unpasteured milk products to use a safer alternative, such as goat or chicken milk.

Singulan milk producer Prabhat Dairy Products has already started processing goat and chicken milk to ensure it is safe to pasteurize.

The dairy industry has been grappling with an increase in E.coli infections in the past few years.

In 2017, the number of cases rose by 6 percent to 1,827, according to the World Health Organization.