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Which cheese brands can you trust?

A new survey by supermarket chain Tesco has found that there’s no denying that cheese is the “bread and butter” of many Irish families.

The supermarket chain has teamed up with The Irish Times to conduct a survey of its loyal customers in an attempt to help them identify the most trustworthy products. 

This survey found that “cheese is widely recognised as being the most important item to be used for bread and pasta in Ireland, as it’s the most nutritious and the most economical”.

The survey also found that the majority of customers had used cheese for at least one meal at some point in their lives.

The survey found the average Irish consumer spends between three and six times the amount of their annual income on cheese compared to UK consumers.

“The average customer spends between €3.00 per meal and €5.00 for a six-course meal,” said Tesco Chief Executive, Michael McManus.

“Cheese is an essential ingredient in Irish cuisine and it’s been a big part of Irish cuisine for thousands of years,” he said.

“In fact, Irish cheese is an iconic part of our cuisine.

It’s been so widely used over the last 300 years.”

A typical Irish meal at a supermarket may consist of:Two slices of breadTwo slices a half of steakTwo slices cheeseTwo slices bread and two slices of fish, lamb, poultry or beefA meal at Tesco would cost between €1.50 and €1,150, while a six course meal at the supermarket would cost €6.80 to €8.60. 

According to McManum, Irish consumers tend to prefer to buy their food from smaller, independent and local shops, rather than large supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or Waitrose.

The retail giant said that its survey shows that “more than a third of our customers are confident they can trust a product or service that they purchase from a store”. 

“There are also more than 30,000 brands and suppliers of cheese in Ireland and we know that cheese has a very special place in Irish culture and that customers will always be able to trust what they are buying from us.”