Dairy products list yogurt ‘It’s not easy to get an arla’ – the plight of dairy farmers

‘It’s not easy to get an arla’ – the plight of dairy farmers

In Bihar, a lot of people are still trying to find an arlama.

It is one of the few industries where farmers can’t easily find enough water, electricity and other resources.

This has led to the loss of hundreds of families.

Many farmers are left with no land.

But, as the state’s chief minister Nitish Kumar recently pointed out, the state government is working on the issue.

“I know there are many farmers in the state.

But they are facing a problem,” he told a gathering of farmers on Monday.

“It’s an issue of land.

There are problems with land.

But we have the answer to it.

We are working on it.”

The CM has been speaking at farmers’ meetings in the region for several weeks.

He has also appealed to the government to give the state farmers a fair share of the state budget.

Nitish has also promised to increase irrigation and the supply of land and water.

The state government has also set up a project to distribute water among farmers.

“If we give it to farmers, we are not giving them anything,” Kumar said.

“But if they get it, they will benefit from it.

It will give them some cash.”

Kumar is the first chief minister to visit the state in almost two years.

He is expected to announce a programme to give a share of Bihar’s budget to farmers.

He will also announce a scheme to create an arrama in the State.

The CM’s visit to the region will not only be a boon to the farmers but also the first by a senior state government in Bihar.

Farmers have been protesting against the water shortages in the area for over two months.

The protests are mostly in the eastern parts of the State, where the Brahmaputra River is flowing into the State’s river valley.

The protests have also spread to other parts of Bihar, including the western parts of Patna, Patna Hills and the eastern part of the district of Thane.

Farmers, especially the more rural sections, have long been facing water scarcity in the basin.

While the protests have largely focused on the drought, a similar water shortage has also been brewing in the south-east, with farmers demanding more water.

In recent weeks, the State government has set up several schemes to distribute and protect the Brahminas water.

One such scheme, which was inaugurated by Nitish on August 31, provides 1,300 hectares of land to farmers to be divided among the farmers for irrigation.

The other scheme, aimed at farmers in areas where the water table is low, provides 3,500 hectares of irrigated land to the local farmers, with the farmers receiving compensation of Rs 1,500 per hectare.

The farmers in Thane are also demanding more.

According to the state-run water utility, the drought has affected over 5,200 households in Thanes.

The water supply for these households is also being disrupted.

For many of these households, the scarcity has led them to turn to farming, and they are also taking to their land.

Many of them are still unable to get water, especially in the southern areas of the Bihar State.