Dairy products list cheese Which countries are the most milk-intensive in Asia?

Which countries are the most milk-intensive in Asia?

The following list is based on data provided by the World Dairy Report, which is an annual report that ranks each country based on the amount of milk they produce and how much milk they sell.

China, the United States, Australia, the European Union, India, and Brazil rank higher on the list than many of the Asian countries that have recently started to grow more dairy production.

However, the list is a little misleading in that the average milk production in each country is higher than the average number of cows that are produced in the country per capita.

In China, for instance, it takes almost three cows to produce one liter of milk, so there are around 6,000 cows in that country.

In contrast, in the United Kingdom, the average dairy production is only around 1,000 per capita, so the country has fewer cows per capita than Australia and the European countries on the bottom of the list.

The next chart, which shows how much dairy the United Arab Emirates produces, shows that the country’s average dairy cows produce about 15 percent less milk than the United Nations average.

However the country is one of the most dairy-dependent nations in the world.

In fact, just the number of dairy cows in the UAE, which makes up about 40 percent of the total, is enough to feed an average population of about 16 million.

This means that the UAE has a higher dairy production than most Asian countries, including Japan, Australia and India.

The list of countries that are the least milk-dependent is even more confusing.

It also includes a few countries with large populations that also produce a lot of milk.

These countries include countries like the United Republic of Tanzania, Indonesia, and South Korea.

But the country with the highest milk production is Saudi Arabia, which has nearly 3,000 dairy cows per person.

These cows produce a whopping 70 percent of Saudi Arabia’s milk production, which accounts for about 80 percent of its milk exports.

Saudi Arabia has also been one of China’s main dairy producers for some time, which means that it produces more milk than China does.

But China has a large population and the amount that China produces is very small compared to the amount China exports.

In addition, China is also one of several Asian countries to have experienced a rapid growth in dairy production in recent years.

For example, China has almost doubled its dairy production per capita since 2002.

The following chart shows the difference between the number and the total milk produced in each of the countries that make up the Dairy Suppliers Group of Asia.

The countries that produce the most and the smallest amount of dairy products in each category are highlighted in green.

The top five countries are also the most heavily dairy-intensive and are China, India and South Africa.