Dairy products list yogurt Lithuania dairy products brands suiza brand to be sold to China

Lithuania dairy products brands suiza brand to be sold to China

Lithuania’s suiza dairy brand suiza is set to be marketed in China as a part of the country’s plans to import dairy products into the market.

The Lithuanian company has been exporting dairy products in Lithuania to China since 2011 and is expected to start selling products in the Chinese market in 2017.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be selling products from Lithuania in China, to cater for demand and to boost production of Lithuanian dairy and dairy beef products in China,” Suiza Dairy Products’ CEO and founder Lidia Kolesnikova said in a statement.

Kolesnikov said that Lithuania’s products will be sold in the same packaging that has been used by Suiza dairy in the United States and Europe for over a decade.

The company said that the brand will be marketed exclusively in China.

“The packaging will include special symbols for the Lithuanian brand suis, with the same colours and patterns as those used by our company,” Kolesikova said.

Suiza Dairy will also sell its products through the online market, which has the largest market share in Lithuania with a market share of around 25 percent.

Lithuania exported its first cattle products to China in 2008 and is the first country to import a significant amount of cattle products into China in the history of the dairy industry.

In 2018, Lithuania exported almost 500,000 metric tons of beef, while the number of cows exported to China was nearly 1.5 million.