Dairy products list yogurt Trump admin approves the first batch of antibiotics used to fight superbugs

Trump admin approves the first batch of antibiotics used to fight superbugs

President Donald Trump has approved the first shipment of antibiotic-resistant superbugs to be used on cattle and sheep, bringing to two the number of U.S. farms that are using the new drugs to help fight the virus.

The approval of the new drug will allow farmers to treat more than 80 percent of infected animals for the virus, according to the Agriculture Department.

Farmers will be allowed to use the drugs for up to two years, allowing farmers to test and treat as many as 100,000 animals at a time, according the department.

The approval will also allow the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to start distributing the drugs, and the Trump administration is expected to approve them later this month.

Trump announced the approvals Thursday at the White House.

“Today is a milestone for our nation’s farmers, our ranchers, and our livestock producers,” Trump said.

“We are proud to continue to use this proven, effective, and affordable new drug for our livestock and our farmers.”

The U.K. and other countries have been using the drugs to treat their outbreaks, and experts say the drug could be used for other crops.

The administration said it is the first time the drugs have been used to treat livestock.

The announcement comes after Trump’s administration approved the use of the drugs on livestock.

The president signed an executive order on Friday directing the Agriculture and Health departments to study the use and distribution of antibiotics on livestock, including whether to use them for cattle.