Dairy products list Milk How to stop dairy from being ‘dirty’

How to stop dairy from being ‘dirty’

Dairy products that are produced in the U.S. and made in India can be contaminated with a number of bacteria, according to new research published in the Journal of Food Protection.

Researchers from New York University School of Medicine found that in the lab, the milk proteins were produced in a highly polluted environment, with bacterial colonies forming on the surface of the milk, which had been treated with a bacterial growth inhibitor.

The milk proteins then formed a thin layer of water that became trapped between the bacterial cells and prevented them from attaching to the milk protein structure, according the study.

While the bacteria could easily get into the milk when it was in contact with the surface, the researchers did not find any evidence that the milk would react with bacteria when it came into contact with fresh water.

They also did not see any signs of a bacterial fermentation, and the milk produced no detectable levels of bacteria when compared to water.

While dairy products made in the United States were previously thought to be safe, this study provides a solid foundation for researchers to continue to investigate how this product was produced.

It’s also important to note that the dairy products produced in India are produced with more stringent standards than the U, S. and EU, which has resulted in a more concentrated, and potentially more dangerous, product.

This research could be of use to those who are concerned about the quality of milk they’re purchasing, and is also an important step in ensuring that these products are produced safely and at low levels of contamination.

Source: Al Jazeera