Dairy products list cream Lucerne Dairy Products factory fires in the UK

Lucerne Dairy Products factory fires in the UK

Lucerhena Dairy Products in Croydon, north London, is one of two dairy producers in the world that have been shut down.

The company said it was due to the introduction of a new pasteurisation process and “inadvertently”, contaminated milk powder was accidentally sold to a company that has not been named.

The company said the new pasteureting process was being implemented at a plant in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but the milk powder had not been produced in the factory.

Lucerene has also said it would “rethink the way we handle all dairy products”.

“The risk of contaminated milk is extremely high and we are deeply sorry for the disruption this has caused our customers and colleagues,” Lucerenas chief executive, David Dennison, said.

“The milk powder that was inadvertently sold to Newcastle-Upon-Tynes is now in the hands of a company not approved for pasteurising milk.”

Lucerenes products are sourced from farms in the US and Russia, and it is understood the milk is currently being tested at the factory in Newcastle.

“We understand that it’s now too early to say exactly what happened, but we are working closely with our suppliers to make sure everything is safe for our customers, our staff and our families,” he said.

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