Dairy products list cheese How India is making cheese more affordable

How India is making cheese more affordable

Indian dairy farmers are using technology to cut down on the cost of their milk, according to a report.

A report by the government-backed National Milk Marketing Council, or NRMC, says that farmers are being encouraged to make use of sensors, microchip cards, and other electronic devices to lower the cost for dairy farmers.

The NRMC said the average cost of making a cow milk is Rs1.42 a kg, or around $8.90.

To cut costs, the NRMC has installed a “smart milk lab” in a farm in the state of West Bengal.

The dairy industry in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and the country is now the fourth-largest producer of milk in the World.

But a growing number of consumers are asking for lower cost dairy products.

The NRMC says the trend is starting to pay off.

The report said the technology will enable farmers to use sensors and other sensors to cut the cost per litre of milk from Rs2.60 to Rs1, as opposed to the Rs3.30 that farmers typically pay.

NRMC Director-General Prakash Ramesh told a news conference on Monday that a total of 12,000 milk producers in India have been using the sensor-based system.