About This Blog


Welcome to my website. Thank you for wanting to be part of a new, growing community of people that would like to improve ourselves and help others do the same.

This website was started so that I can have the opportunity to share my life’s journey to give you insight into your own personal development. The aim of this site is to give you as many tools as you need to begin or continue your journey to achieving your life’s dreams. This site will help you look into your own life and help discover your own tools that you can utilize to help you grow.

One of the biggest things I wish to accomplish with this site is to show you how every aspect of your life is connected, and how you can use this fact to learn about yourself and maximize your potential. I constantly show this in my posts to hopefully give you valuable insight about yourself and the world around you. By reading about my own journey, I hope that you will find value in it and adapt it to your own life in order that you may become motivated, enthusiastic, and inspired in everything you do.

What I believe makes this blog unique the interaction I hope to provide. This is not just my blog, it’s your blog and it’s our community. Take advantage of the advice column and who knows, you just might inspire me to write a post! I also believe that showing the connections in your life provides a different perspective and uniqueness.

Some things about me…

  • I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University
  • I love my faith, and it is what guides me in my everyday life
  • I love music; I play guitar, drums, I sing, and I love to write and record my own songs
  • I have a 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • I work full-time as a mechanical engineer
  • I’m about to get married
  • I like rock music
  • And you will find out much more about me from my blog posts