5 Business Boosts in Under 10 Minutes and Fewer Than 10 Dollars

Looking to give your online business a boost? You may find a few things you have missed, check out these quick tips for your online business which each can be done in 10 minutes or less and under $10.

Blogs: If you have not created a business blog, do it now. Blogs are invaluable assets to online business and can increase not only your online authority for search engine optimization but also your business authority in your area of expertise. You can advise people also on how much they can be making per hour or per month.

Blogs can be utilized to give back to the online community and individuals seem to respond better to companies who offer information on topics such as how to guides and informative posts, rather than companies who simply blog about how amazing their product are.

Ditch the free URL: Free URLs are convenient for individuals who simply want to blog or create an online hobby. However for businesses, having a free URL is generally not a good idea. For example:
Sites like Blogger and WordPress offer free domains when using their free hosted service. If you are utilizing one of these free services your domain name might look something like this:


Using these services for business generally does not reflect well on a business because you lose branding by sharing your image with sites such as Blogger and WordPress. These free domains are actually sub-domains of the respective sites and your search engine optimization may lose value when split between these services and your business. Purchasing your own domain is generally inexpensive and can cost anywhere from 5-10 dollars a year with some services.

Purchasing your own domain generally takes less than ten minutes. Your current online service may allow you to use their platform while still using your own domain name. Check with your online free hosting service to see if they allow you to use your own domain, some offer ways to integrate your domain into their hosting services with a simple few clicks. You should also consider finding your own hosting solutions to have more control over your online business. Unless you have a lot of files that require some sort of professional solution, good hosting services are available for only a few dollars a month.

Twitter: If you have not yet jumped on the Twitter train it is still not too late. Twitter is a useful tool when used correctly to drive hype for your business. Fortunately, Twitter is still fairly new, meaning your business username may still be available. Setting up a Twitter account takes less than five minutes, at the very least you should grab your company’s name to use on Twitter for branding purposes.

Facebook: Facebook is simply made for business. Over the years Facebook has built a unique platform exclusively for the use of businesses. On Facebook, you can create a fan page where friends, family, and patrons can show their support by declaring themselves fans on your businesses Facebook page. With the millions of users actively using Facebook, your business can not afford not to be using this free service to promote your business.

Comment on other blogs: posting on other blogs is simply good karma for your business. Find blogs that are related to your business niche and participate in the conversation. Not only does this help portray your company as an authority on the subject, in time you will see that others will start to comment on your blog as well.

Do your business a favor and take 10 minutes to improve your online presence you will be glad you did.